December 26, 2020



What you need to do or not do before going to the Laboratory

Lipids: Fast for 12 hours

Sedimentation Rate: Fast 6-8 hours (preferable)

Urine for Pregnancy: First morning urine (preferable), provided there was no fluid consumption the night before. If result is Negative, a pregnancy blood test is suggested since it is more sensitive.

Fasting Blood Sugar: Consume meal and take medication (if any) in 10 minutes. Absolute fast for 2 hours from start of the meal Arrive at the lab 15 minutes ahead of schedule Urine Culture: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before test. Wash hands and genitals well with warm water & soap. Disinfect urine outlet with Dettol. Wash disinfectant away with water only. Urinate first drop into toilet bowl then remainder in the sterilized jar provided. In case urine sample is sent, make sure it arrives at the lab within two hours at the latest.

24 hr Urine collection: Immediately upon waking up in the morning urinate in the toilet bowl and record the time. Following this and through to the next day, collect each drop of urine at the same time (24 hours). Keep urine refrigerated.

3 consecutive days Urine collection: Must be first morning urine and must be sent separately to the lab each day.

3 consecutive days’ Sputum: Before eating in the morning, rinse mouth several times with water and provide first sputum. Saliva samples are not accepted. Samples must be sent separately to the lab on the same day.

Inhalation of steam from hot water in the morning aids in providing sample.

Semen Analysis: Total abstention from intercourse or masturbation for 4 consecutive days. Sample must be given in the lab, ensuring that the first drop of semen is placed in the specified bottle. No accompaniment inside the toilet is allowed during sampling.

Prostate & Penis Smear: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before test. Urine must be retained one hour prior to the test.

Pap Smear: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before test. Refrain from intercourse for 2 days. Refrain from washing coitus on day of test. Stool Culture: Refrain from antibiotics for at least 48 hours before test. Sample must be received by the lab within 2 hours at the latest. Samples received in children’s Pampers are not acceptable.

Invisible blood in stool (Occult blood): 48 hours before the test, patient must refrain from consuming all kinds of meat, turnips, medication for rheumatism, any medication containing Aspirin, Vitamin C, Cortisone or Lead as well as any laxatives.

Asthma & Epilepsy Drugs: Medication must be taken regularly for 5 days at least, provided there is no vomiting or diarrhea for 48 hours before the test. The first drop of blood is taken immediately before the morning dose and the second after several hours from the dose.

Iron: Fast for 6-8 hours. Arrive at the lab on the morning after end of menstrual cycle and prior to start of treatment with iron or blood transfusion.

Drugs & Steroid Levels: Urine is placed in a clean, dry container. This should preferably be done in the lab, in a tight room with no source of water to prevent the addict from adding water to the urine. Extreme caution is to be exercised to prevent the patient from switching his sample with another that may have been smuggled into the lab. In case of a sample being sent to the lab, the urine is to be preserved in the refrigerator for a maximum of 48 hours until it reaches the lab. After 48 hours, the urine is to be frozen in the freezer then sent to the lab on ice.

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